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This collection is a sample of the UX UI work I have contributed to the consumer and internal apps at Silvercar. My involvement has included design for responsive web, iOS, and Android, including maintaining consistency across platforms and between consumer and internal apps.


Competitive analysis + pricing visibility Case study

I led a competitive analysis exercise with my product managers and product director. We assessed the booking websites of Enterprise, Budget, Southwest Airlines, Kayak, and Starwood Hotels, alongside where Silvercar compares and contrasts with them.

From there I used that analysis to launch specific research around how our pricing UI aligns with the car rental market – specifically on the vehicle selection and price breakdown screens. I found that we were lacking a critical usability item. Our vehicle selection screen only displayed the daily price for our options. We did not display a total price estimate for each vehicle option. Which meant that the user could not see their total price options until they selected a vehicle and went back and forth between options.

In addition to this usability issue, our stakeholders were pushing an initiative to offer and display a weekly rate into our product and the third party booking apps. Some of the car rental companies offered and displayed this rate, some offered the discount rate but did not display it. I initiated several rounds of testing to find out if the users were more interested in the seeing the daily rate with that weekly discount, or wanted to see the phrase “weekly rate” when viewing car options. Would they like to see that “weekly rate” verbiage once they were past their options and viewing the final price breakdown?

The results spoke to a strong preference to display daily price and total price on vehicle selection screen, and display rate type (such as weekly rate) in the final price breakdown. This change in UI was first built and published on our web and Android booking apps. Later we applied it to iOS and our Google Analytics reflected a lull in iOS conversions during that time until the iOS UI was updated to display daily price alongside total price on vehicle selection screen.


Research summary

The objective of my research was to gain insight into the pain and problems people experience while learning and forgetting people’s names. The intent of the research was to find a better understanding how many people feel they experience name memory problems, as well as what sorts of tools people already use to help their name recall. The goal will then be to find a way to utilize natural intuitions to help people easily record/recall names.

I chose my research participants based off the personas I created. These are people working daily in a role where remembering names, colleagues, connections, and clients is important to their success. I had originally used teachers in my research but eventually moved away from that after learning in face-to-face interviews that teachers use their own methods for name recall much separate from the way most other people do. 

heur analysis.jpg


I have compared the usability of Remember alongside the competitors Namekeeper, Name Shark, and Namerick. Please visit the the report for my full analysis. 


Empathy Maps and Personas